Group Caricatures

A custom group caricature is ideal for capturing any collection of family members, friends, co-workers, roommates or teammates. Brent will draw any group of people with a special connection. A caricature of 3 or more people qualifies for special discounted pricing, and each member of the group receives their own high quality print of the original artwork.

A group caricature is perfect when you are looking to:

  • Give your coach or teammates a great gift
  • Familiarize customers with your staff or employees
  • Commemorate a special trip, vacation, season or outing
  • Send a very special holiday card
  • Remember your college roommates

What types of group caricatures are most popular?

  • Family Caricatures
    Great for hanging in the family room, including on the Christmas card, or giving as a gift to Grandma and Grandpa
  • Sports Team Caricatures
    The starting line-up, all-star team, coaching staff or benchwarmers
  • Fraternity or Sorority Caricatures
    The pledge class, graduating seniors or roommates
  • Teacher Caricatures
    We can show the whole department, grade level or school
  • Military Caricatures
    Relive classic moments from basic training or time spent serving together
  • Company Caricatures
    Give a gift to the boss, include it on the corporate website or hang it in the lobby: office staff,partners, employees sales reps or board of directors
  • Music Caricatures
    Anyone from the church choir to a heavy metal band

Each face in a group caricature receives the same amount of effort and attention to detail as an individual caricature. It doesn’t even have to be a real group. We’ve done caricatures of favorite football players and heroes someone would like to invite over for dinner.